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Fellow Brothers and Guests:

It is a privilege and honor to stand before you today and briefly report on last year’s Board activities.

As we all know, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 in-person Roundup was suspended for obvious health concerns.  Nevertheless, thanks to the sponsorship of Bill Nation via Zoom, we were able to hold last year’s Roundup virtually, which was attended by nearly 30 participants, some of whom were “First Timer’s”.

Over the years, the idea of creating an organized alumni association had been discussed by many brothers with an eye to the continued fostering of the bonds of friendship and brotherhood as well as establishing a group aimed at supporting recolonization efforts.  Following last year’s Roundup, research revealed that as part of the 1990 revitalization effort, Rex Beckenhauer, Frank Gatewood, and Doug Lyle had created the Delta Kappa Epsilon Rho Lambda Literary Association.  Because of a quirk in Oklahoma law, it was discovered the Association was technically still viable; as such, Frank Gatewood, the last surviving Director, was contacted and appointed Bill Nation, George Otey, and myself as new Directors to breathe new life into the entity.

In a short time, bylaws were adopted, additional Board members were elected, and working Committees established.  It is a proud moment to report on the work of the Board since last year’s Roundup.

The Board members elected were: Richard Burns, Dennis Clowers, Jim Griffin, Bill Nation, George Otey, Bob Pickup, Ron Sorter, Fred Streb, and myself.

As head of the Communications Committee, Ron Sorter took charge of revamping and improving the website: which now includes a PayPal component to accept donations; his committee is currently in the process of developing a periodic newsletter.

To accept the PayPal donations as well as any other donations made, a no-cost checking account was opened.  At the end of September, the current account balance was $1,109.70.  In September the Association received notice from the IRS of being recognized as a 501(c)(7) tax free entity.  With these components in place the Budget Committee, headed by Treasurer Bob Pickup, will be in a position to more accurately guide our financial future.

I am also happy to report that in order to promulgate the ultimate goal of recolonizing, our contact with the OU Greek Life office resulted in the University reserving 2025 for a Deke recolonization effort.  Dennis Clowers and other members of the Association will be working closely with Deke HQ to formulate a rush plan and address potential housing issues.

Our time at the Roundup and all of the other components that this reunion what it is, could not occur without the planning and guidance of the Events Committee headed by emcee Fred Streb.  Although this is an annual event, I am sure as we move closer to 2025 additional meeting opportunities will be presented.

Finally, we have all been saddened over the past year by the passing of our brothers Vic Martin, Preston Trimble, and James Williams into the Mystic Circle.  Under the guidance of Richard Burns, the Association received financial gifts and sent flowers as condolences, and distributed funds as directed by the bereaved family members.  A standard sickness and bereavement policy is being developed to assure the appropriate remembrance for all our Brothers.

This may seem like a lot, and it is; the Association has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time.  But with the Association structure in place and with the able guidance of the Board, we have a strong foundation to foster the bonds of friendship and brotherhood, and provide a supporting platform for those that come after us in 2025 and well into the future.


The Commo group