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Mystic Circle


Not to be forgotten are the following brothers who have passed:


Fred Ball
John Barrett
Jim Bradford
Tom Bradford
Rex Beckenhauer
Claude Bradley
Jim Bradley
Jerry Buxton
Ramsey Cantrell
Greg Fine
Steve Finefrock
Doug Griffin
Richard Hager
David Irwin
Kenneth Jewell
Gene Johnson
Donald King
Stanley Korth
Elbert Lesch
Doug Lyle
Cleo Maddux
Vic Martin
Howard McMillan
William “Phil” McEnroe
James McGaw
Bill Millar
Randy Morrison
George Nigh
Wes Owens
James Park
David Pape
Wade Pipkin
William Porter
Terry Rudkin
Eugene Schweitzer
Frank Swan
Preston Trimble
Mike Tuttle
Larry Wade
Sherrill Whitten
James Williams

For further information about our Deceased Members contact Ron Sorter.