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Our Roadmap To a DKE Chapter At OU

In 2021, the Brotherhood resurrected the DKE Rho Lambda Literary Association to (1) facilitate the Brotherhood’s interactions and (2) reactivate the ΔΚΕ PΛ chapter at OU. This page explains our activities concerning the latter.

OU allows one chapter to activate each year. Bob Tierno’s June 2021 letter set our reactivation in motion. (See Our Actions below.)

In January 2022, the RLLA appointed an ad hoc committee of Dennis Clowers, George Otey, and Bob Tierno (as Chairman) to coordinate and accelerate our actions with OU and DKE National.

Two Critical Points as of 2023:

OU has grandfathered Rho Lambda, waived application requirements, and has granted us the 2025 window to reactivate PΛ.

ΔΚΕ National has an entire working apparatus dedicated solely to the activation and reactivation of chapters. This makes our work manifestly easier.

Please review the documents in the Plans stack below to see how a reactivation occurs. Records in the Actions stack (newest to oldest) will show the latest collaborations by the 2025 Team, who, with the Brotherhood’s help, are making this happen. There’ll be updates in every newsletter.

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