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2024 Reunion

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Meet and Greet

Tailgate Tip ButtonThe 12th Annual Deke Roundup will be held on October 18 and 19, when OU confronts S. Carolina. The general plan is to get together for the Reunion with supper and drinks at 6:00 PM on Friday, October 16. This will be at the Interurban Restaurant, 1150 Ed Nobel Pkwy, in Norman (at Lindsay and I-35). You don’t want to miss the annual Goal Post Award, given to a truly worthy member.


We’ll have our Tailgate Party on Saturday, October 19, on the grounds of the Old DKE House at 700 Elm Avenue, across from campus and a short walk to Owens Stadium. We’ll start two to three hours before Kickoff, and we’ll let you know the exact time of the Tailgate once we know the exact Kickoff Time.

Tickets and Rooms

All Rho Lambda and other Oklahoma Dekes will receive email updates on the above, and they will be mentioned in our May and August Newsletters. Contact Rich Burns for more details, to let us know if you’re coming or not, and to arrange for football game tickets – as mentioned above, the Sooners will be playing South Carolina. Contact Fred Streb to arrange for a reasonably-priced hotel room at the La Quinta Inn in Moore, a convenient location about 10 minutes north of Norman.

Food and beverages will be available on your own tab at the Interurban Reunion, and a small donation will be appreciated at the Tailgate. You can donate to the Tailgate here, if you like.

Let Us Know

Check this space for more updates on the Reunion, Tailgate time, etc. We hope everyone will plan to attend. If you have an idea that you will be coming, please let us know (Yes- we will attend, Maybe – will decide soon, or No – will not attend – Also, how many guests) so we can appropriately plan for the Friday night gathering and the Saturday Tailgate. Even a maybe helps.

Contact Your Brothers

You can see photos from previous Roundups here. Would you like to invite one of your Deke pals to be in the 2024 Reunion pictures with you? Go here for the Rho Lambda Contact Information Spreadsheet and here for Other Dekes in Oklahoma (non-Rho Lambda members).

Bring Memorabilia

Bring your memorabilia – love to have party pics, photos or films from your days in the Deke House or earlier Roundup. We had great fun with those last year.

We hope to see you there!