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Deke Brothers,

The 10th Annual Deke Roundup will be held on October 14 and 15th. This will be Homecoming Weekend at OU; we’ll be playing Kansas (kickoff time currently unknown).

As in the past, the general plan is to get together for supper and drinks (Meet and Greet) on the evening of Friday, October 14. This will be at the Interurban in Norman at Lindsay and I-35 at 6:00 PM. Then on Saturday, October 15 we will have a Tailgate Party on the grounds of the Old DEKE House (700 Elm). We will start the Tailgate Party several hours before the start of the OU-Kansas Game. Again, we will communicate the exact time of the Tailgate once we know Kickoff Time. Food and beverages will be available at the Tailgate.

If you’d like to see the photos from the previous Roundups, go to  The photos from previous Roundups are under “Chapter Archives / Albums” on the top menu. The OU Dekes website has undergone significant improvement – please go and browse the website. Ron Sorter has done a fabulous job with the Website and Monthly Newsletter. Read the stories about the “Deke of the Month.” Some great and even emotional stories about our brothers after their days at OU. Must Read – Must See TV. The Newsletter comes out each month – near the first of the month – you should be receiving notification when each newsletter is published.

If you’d like to donate on the website, instead of tipping at the Reunion or Tailgate, you can do that through our September newsletter. Check this space for more updates on the Reunion, Tailgate time, etc. To send Ron Sorter ideas and comments on the website, barbed or not, go here: Thanks!

Hope everyone will plan to attend. In the past we have not actively requesting a firm indication that you would be able to come or not. But this year, we would appreciate to have a better indication what attendance will look like. If you have an idea that you will be coming, please let us know, (Yes- we will attend, Maybe – will decide soon, or No – will not attend – Also, how many guests) so we can appropriately plan for the Friday night gathering and the Saturday Tailgate. Even a maybe helps.

I am planning to make a group purchase of 10-15 tickets to the football game. If you are interested let me know ASAP. Last year Ticket Price was $70 per ticket. I am thinking prices will be similar this year

Please call or e-mail your Rho Lambda DEKE brothers and get them to participate. We are open to any additional suggestions and ideas for the Reunion, and/or ways to connect Rho Lambda Dekes, and maximize communication and participation.

To see or download the latest version of the Rho Lambda Contact Information Spreadsheet, click here.  Of course, we’re always looking for additions or corrections.  Note: this spreadsheet has two additional pages: 1.)  One page lists Rho Lambda Dekes for which we have no information and 2: Other Dekes in Oklahoma (Non-Rho Lambda members). It’s our current intention to invite Non-Rho Lambda Dekes to this Reunion.

Sorry for any errors or typos. But jump in with any corrections. Please communicate any questions or suggestions.

Kerothen, Richard Burns, ’71